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Red bumps on the toes can be unattractive, uncomfortable and an important sign of an immune response. The cause can range from hygiene – a skin irritation developed from sweaty gym socks left on too long – to environmental allergies, such as a reaction to dust mite bites. While over-the-counter medication may alleviate bumps and their discomfort, some skin rashes require evaluation by a doctor. Contact Dermatitis Pull the tick straight out and perpendicular to your skin. The tick may not come easily as it has embedded its cutting mandibles into your skin and firmly fixed itself in place. You may have to work it out slowly and gently.

The upper arm is comprised of two muscle groups, the biceps (front of arm) and triceps (back of arm). People have different reasons for performing arm exercises. Some might want to add strength and size, while others just want to firm up and eliminate flab. Either of these goals can be accomplished with some basic at-home arm exercises. Recovery time for rotator cuff shoulder surgery will vary depending on the severity of the injury, the nature of the surgery and the individual. More invasive open shoulder surgeries used to reattach tendons or muscles or remove scar tissue will require several months for a full recovery.

Nevi, or moles, are a result of an overproduction of pigmented skin cells-melanocytes-that grow in groups and appear on the skin’s surface. Nevi can develop at any age and range from 10 to 40-plus moles per individual. Colors of nevi include brown, tan, pink and the color of your skin (flesh-toned). Rarely cancerous, these benign skin growths are frequently removed for cosmetic reasons. Nevi removal procedures include surgical skin shaving methods, freezing laser or natural ingredient remedies. Natural mole removal processes are safer and reduce your chances of visible scarring. Now, my choice of footwear become so limited and I can’t wear a lot of shoes. Sigh Sigh Sigh~~ =/contract toevoeging

While the emphasis of exercises for snowboarding should be on building strength and power, pay attention to improving your flexibility, balance, coordination and core stability. For example, if your core stabilizing muscles are weak while navigating unpredictable terrain, you’re vulnerable to various injuries, ranging from slipped disks in your spine and neck to twisted knees or ankles. The best exercises address the different physical requirements for snowboarding. Strength and Balance Step-up exercise uses body weight as resistance to target the muscles of the legs and buttocks. You can perform this exercise with a bank or a ladder. Passage of stool or ladder with one foot up and down the body.

Maxim’s is an Art Nouveau restaurant owned by Pierre Cardin. It was originally founded in the late 1800’s but really came into its own during the world fair in 1900 when artisans from the School of Nancy were brought in to create essentially what it is today. The restaurant follows the Art Nouveau rules of rounded curves and lines. It is really quite spectacular. The bright colors and gorgeous art draw in the crowds but the food keeps them coming back for years. One of the most delightful treats at Maxim’s is the Cigar Pierre Cardin has had made specifically for his restaurant.

An fungal infection of your nails is known in the medical world as Onychomycosis. You will recognize this as a layperson as a yellow crumbly infection under your nail, that may cause your nail to disfigure and become discolored. The tell-tale starting sign is a small discolored spot under your nail, which if left untreated, will spread to the rest of your nail. This type of infection accounts for 50% of all nail infections, and is often caused by a continued exposure to a moist warm environment around the nail. Protect your house – Screen windows and doors, and repair tears in existing screens to prevent mosquitoes from flying inside.contracted big toe